Vegetable weeding technology Garford:

Robocrop - Integral in row weeder: seeing - recognizing - weeding!
A high density camera is overseeing the planting bed before the weeding process starts. It distinguishes between weed and plant.
The rotating sickel weeder removes the weed and preserves the plant. The system is resistent against disturbances and designed for coverage of large areas. 

Used for: salads, cabbage, celery, fennel and planted onions

The minimum distance should not exceed 19 cm

Garford In Row Weeder:



Robocrop Babyleaf hoe - Quick Touch:

Robocrop - Quick touch

Delivering the very highest accuracy mechanical inter-row weed

The Garford Robocrop Babyleaf Hoe is designed to deliver the very highest degree of accuracy for inter row hoeing in closely spaced crops seeded using full width roller type seeders producing a perfectly flat bed surface.

The auto-levelling function senses the surface of the crop bed and maintains the perfect relationship between the hoe blades, weeder rakes and the soil surface.

In addition the Quick Touch vision guidance system is configured to deliver the very best accuracy yet achieved. By positioning the camera very close to the crop rows the imaging accuracy is maximised. With the camera located only just ahead of the weeding shares and steering implemented through steerable soil engaging discs an accuracy of sub 5 mm is achievable.

  • Unique Y shares for minimal soil disturbance and maximum weed cut
  • Baby weeder rakes for a perfect finished surface
  • Low camera position for scaled up accuracy
  • Disc steer for positive steering implementation
  • Auto levelling for perfect share depth
  • Narrow 30 mm roll flat wheels
  • Spring weight relief adjustment in the parallelograms
  • Robocrop 4 Quick Touch with custom colour