HORTUS lettuce harvesting technology:

HORTUS salad harvester type Rapid
HORTUS selfdriven harvester for iceberg, lettuce, lollo rosso etc.
Hortus 1-row salad harvester for radish, chinese cabbage, cabbage, fennel, romain salad etc.

The company HORTUS is one of the world leading manufacturers of modern harvesting equipment for all types of lettuce.

The single-head harvesting by row independent blades guarantee gentle and labor saving harvesting of different types of lettuce.

The HORTUS single row salad harvesting machine reaps radicchio, Chinese cabbage, cabbage, fennel, romaine and similar cultures.

The special model for cabbage harvesting is especially adapted to the needs of that culture.

The capacity is about 2,500 cabbages per hour. The completely damage-free operation is ideal for fresh market and hibernate cabbage.

salad harvester

Mini-romana harvester