PLANTEX planter for pre-sprouted potatoes:

Schematic diagram PLANTEX
PLANTEX 2 rows with tipping bunker and bed shaper
PLANTEX belt planting, ready for delivery

Leader in the potato planting technology!
Plantex laying machines are available with 2, 3, 4 and 6 rows, pulled or tractor using three- point linkage

PLANTEX laying machines are:

  •      Ideal for pre-sprouted potatoes
  •      Flexible for over or under sized seeds

PLANTEX technology allows high performance on large surfaces and a planting speed of up to 10 km/h.

Classic example:

PLANTEX - potato - planter

  • 4 rows 0,75 m
  • pulled version with clevis linkage
  • tandem trolley
  • ultrasonic control for feeding of the laying system
  • intense shaker
  • large covering discs (460 mm), each row single
  • mechanically powered with 32 levels with clutch for street use
  • hydraulic dumper for plant containers
  • hydraulic track indicator with track discs
  • electric row disconnector with functioning control
  • electric counting and control device
  • lights for street use