High performance harvester for leek:

High performance harvester for leek
Leaf waste remains on the field
Filling of big containers - direct loading is also possible

The clamping band harvest technology is the practice-proven best technique for harvesting leeks.

A vibrating sowing coulter loosens the deep grown leek plant.

The clamping band, coated with rubber, draws the plant out of the soil and and transports the crop up high.

The root zone of the crop is freed from the remaining soil by a shaking device.

For difficult ground conditions a rotating "Peller" machine can be delivered to be used after the shaking device for cleaning the leek roots.

After the delivery of the leek plant in the cross belt, the plant will be exactly cut  at a length of about 60 cm.

Unnecessary leaf and root parts thus remain on the field and do not have to be disposed after the treatment of the crop.