Trinkel babyleaf seeding technology:

Seeding results baby spinach

The sponge-seeding technology enables automatic adjustment of the sow distribution to all common vegetable and small-seeded crops such as rocket, baby leaf spinach, medicinal and culinary herbs.

The outstanding features of our seeders are:

  • large-scale pre-roll for perfect leveling of the sow horizon
  • high weight for optimum seedbed reconsolidation
  • vario drive allows continuose adjustment of the seed amount/per square meter according to the requirements
  • rapid emptying of the hopper, allows a seed exchange in only a few seconds

This sowing machine is the ideal planter for herbs and babyleaf experts because of the high working speed up to 8 km / h and optimum seed distribution. The machine is available with row width from 4 cm up, while each row can be individually disabled, so that many seeding patterns can be realized without retooling and with minimal effort.