Vineyard disc harrow TURBO-Disk:

Vineyard disc harrow TURBO-Disk

The new disc harrow TURBO DISK now also offers the winemaker the benefits of soil tillage, which has been used in agriculture internationally for years  as DISK = discus system.
No continuous wave is the essential characteristics compared to the conventional construction. The single hung and sprung disc elements causes:

  • less wear of the cutting edges, yielding when foreign objects appear
  • vibration of the individual discs optimizes crumb structure of the soil
  • no clogging, despite high green growth, allows a working speed 12 km / h
  • wavy processing horizon processing avoids water logging and expensive subsoiling
  • reconsolidation and depth regulation through large crumb rolls
  • short headland, variable short design and foldable roll

Vineyard disc harrow: