Reverse cutter:

reverse cutter
dam milling machine for strawberries

The cutting blades rotate opposite to the direction of travel and the collected soil material is tossed "over head" back against a sorting grid.
Clods, coarse material or crop residue is retained by the grid and falls into the grid millingsole.
This coarse material is then covered by sieved soil so that a stone and clodesfree seedbed is prepared.
This creates ideal conditions for the seeding and planting work.

For strawberry plants the milling ensures a dam structure free from crop residues, clods and stones.

Delivery variants:

Our dam systems are available in working widths from 1.20 m to 3.00 m. Also raised beds for double rows are possible.
The foil laying system creates and tightens the foil. The foil edges are evenly covered by a covering coulter with earth, which makes the foil storm proof.
Upon request, a drip hose can be routed just under the top edge of the dam.

Used as strawberry dam system, the reverse cutter is available for one or two planting rows.

Hortus reverse cutter AI MAXI